Teaching Mixed Ability Classes – MACHALA – 25 de octubre del 2017

Theme: Teaching Mixed Ability Classes by Kate Bedford

Discover how to engage and motivate students in a mixed ability class with useful advice from our expert. You may often be teaching a class which has students who are clearly of different levels. They may have different starting levels of English or they may learn at very different speeds. We’ll look at how we can support lower level students whilst providing enough challenge for the higher-level ones.

Kate Bedford

Kate Bedford is a British born language teacher, trainer, and English language examiner. She has lived and worked in Ecuador for the last ten years. She speaks English and Spanish and has taught in Spain, in both Madrid and Cadiz, as well as in Ecuador, for institutes such as International House, TECS and Key Language Services.

Following her CELTA training in Barcelona, and International House Young Learners Certificate in Madrid, she gained a wide range of teaching and training experience with learners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. From very young learners, to business English courses and professional development and training sessions for teachers, Kate has enjoyed a breadth of teaching and training experiences. She trained teachers in TKT with the Cradle Project in several different provinces throughout Ecuador and thoroughly enjoyed the contact this gave her with teachers and Secondary and University level, and the awareness she gained of the challenges these teachers face. She is also an experienced speaking examiner for both the IELTS and Cambridge English Exams, and enjoys the opportunity this gives her to interact with learners of all levels on a regular basis.


Wednesday 25th October 2017
3:00 – 6:00pm
Calle Bolivar (entre Guayas y Ayacucho)
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